Bioeducation Journal 2023-01-08T18:11:21+00:00 Rahmawati Darussyamsu, M.Pd. Open Journal Systems Bioeducation Journal Colored Biological Comic with Pictorial Mind Map on Material Human Circulation System to Increase Reading Interest of Junior High School Student 2022-12-30T19:48:49+00:00 Adilah Yuan Nofista Ristiono Ristiono <p><em>The problem of this research is less interest of reading about human circulation system in Junior High School. Based on the observation, students has problem to understand tough topic. The purpose of this research is how to develop a colored biological comic with pictorial mind map and increase learning motivation about human circulation system for Junior High School. This research has been developed by using 3 stages of 4D models, that is define stage by defining the terms of learning using the curriculum, design stage by designing prototype of biological comic which designed with hybrid method using manual tools and Adobe Photoshop CS6, and develop stage that aims to produce a valid and practical biological comic with validity test by 3 validators and practicality test by 1 biology teacher and 25 student in VIII.A of Pembangunan Junior High School. The result of this research obtained by validity and practicality test to the comic. The average of validity value is 92.88% with very valid criteria. The average of practicality test by teacher is 95.14% with very practical criteria and by students is 88.40% with practical criteria. This research shows this biological comic result is categorized by very valid and practical to use by teachers and students in teaching and learning.</em></p> 2022-12-31T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## The Correlation Between Level of Knowledge on Immunological Materials With Healthy Life Style Awareness of Pre-service Biology Teachers 2022-12-30T19:48:53+00:00 Iseu Laelasari Izfina Maliyya <p><em>The study aims to analyze the relationship between level of knowledge on immunological materials with healthy lifestyle awareness of pre-service biology teachers. Researchers have used correlational research design with a sample of pre-service biology teacher as many as 30 randomly chosen. The instruments developed in this study of 20 multiple choice involving sub-matter of immunological system and 20 online-questionnaire distributed through survey heart app to reveal the healthy lifestyle awareness of participants. Data analysis uses statistical method of Pearson product moment and simply regression after a prerequisite test of normality, linearity and heteroscedasticity test. The results of this study reveal that coefficient correlation of the amount (0.428) means that there is a strong enough correlation between two variables, significant tests show a value of sig 0.018 &lt;0.05.&nbsp; Regression tests show 0.184 determinative coefficient which means that the level of knowledge on immunological material affect to healthy lifestyle awareness by18.4%. The result provides educational implications that it will require integration of healthy lifestyle awareness as part of a character that needs to be strengthened in biology aside.</em></p> 2022-12-31T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Analysis Question of Higher Order Thinking Skills in Class X Biology Textbooks 2023-01-08T18:11:21+00:00 Maghfira Mutia Syarifah Widya Ulfa Siti Maysarah <p><em>Some of the questions in the textbooks are in accordance with the development of science and the applicable curriculum. However, it is undeniable that quite a lot of textbooks are not suitable and have not shown HOTS-type questions. Moreover,</em><em> the &nbsp;analysis of &nbsp;questions in&nbsp; biology textbooks based on the &nbsp;type of HOTS is very rarely carried out. &nbsp;To review this, the analysis of questions in textbooks is needed as evaluation material in improving the quality of books used in learning. &nbsp;This study aims toanalyze the &nbsp;content of the Higher Order Thinking Skill&nbsp; category in the &nbsp;Class X&nbsp; Biology textbook which is used by Sri Langkat Private High School in&nbsp;&nbsp; learning and teacher response&nbsp; Biology is related to the problem in the book. &nbsp;This research uses a qualitative descriptive type of research. The instruments used are document analysis sheets with check list marks and teacher response interview instrument sheets. The guidelines used in the analysis of the questions are indicators of the Higher Order Thinking Skill category. &nbsp;The results of the study stated that there were as many as 170 questions &nbsp;classified as HOTS type questions with the percentage of the distribution of analyzing questions (C4) 87.6%, evaluating questions (C5) &nbsp;9.4%, questions creating 2.9%. The teacher's response stated that &nbsp;the question writing bah wa was in accordance with the indicators contained in the curriculum and after validating the results of the question &nbsp;analysis, the teacher&nbsp; specifically knew the &nbsp;content of the &nbsp;percentage of HOTS question types in&nbsp;&nbsp; the&nbsp; Biology textbook used&nbsp; in learning.</em></p> 2022-12-31T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## The Implementation of SSCS (Search, Solve, Create, Share) Learning Model in training Students' Critical Thinking Skills 2022-12-30T19:49:03+00:00 Risyda Hayati Ahmad Fauzan Hidayatullah <p><em>21st century learning emphasizes students' competence in finding out from a variety of sources, formulating problems, thinking analytically, working together, and collaborating on problem solving. Critical thinking skills are one of the skills that need to be developed in the 21st century. These skills can be trained in the learning process through one of the learning models, namely SSCS (Search, Solve, Create, Share) learning model. SSCS is one of the learning models that received a Grant to be developed and applied to mathematics and science subjects. This study aims to explain the implementation of SSCS learning model in training students' critical thinking skills. This research procedure uses library research method by collecting data in the form of articles published in various scientific journals and some from book sources. The result of the literature study about using the SSCS learning model that can have a positive impact for students that are more effective learning and training critical thinking skills for students.</em></p> 2022-12-31T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Student Perceptions to Implementation Independent Practicum based of Materials in The Environment 2022-12-30T19:49:07+00:00 Ita Ita Hadijah Hadijah <p><em>COVID-19 pandemic had a major impact on the implementation of the teaching process. Lectures suddenly switched from face-to-face to online, including practical courses. This system change certainly has its own impression for students, especially for those who program practicum courses. Research was conducted with&nbsp; quantitative approach through questionnaire and qualitative one through interviews with descriptive analysis technique. The purpose of this study was to describe students' perceptions of implementation material-based independent practicum in surrounding environment. The results showed that aspect of ease independent practicum 22.92% of students had perception of strongly agreeing, 43.75% agreeing, 33.32% disagreeing, and 0% strongly disagreeing. Aspect of ease understanding concept perception who strongly agree as much as 18.33%, agree with the presentation 74.17%, 7.5% disagree, and strongly disagree with percentage of 0%. Finally, on aspect of satisfaction in practicum, it was stated that 14.58% of students strongly agreed, agreed 63.19 while those who disagreed were 22.22% and strongly disagreed 0%. Students have perception that practicum is carried out independently in their respective residences can still run smoothly. This is because materials used are relatively easy to find in the surrounding environment. Online guidance provided also makes it easier to ask questions. Literature provided during independent practicum process also makes it easier to do practicum and understand procedure. In conclusion, average dominant student answers agree that independent practicum from home based materials in surrounding environment is relatively easy to do, it is also easy to understand concept and students are satisfied in implementation of independent practicum.</em></p> 2022-12-31T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##